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EWB-USA Project and Employee Grants Program

All grant reporting commitments should be completed here. 

You will need your EWB-USA-assigned Gmail address and the associated password you use for the grants portal to access reports (you can reset the password for this portal if you have access issues). 

Original project applications can be found by logging in, clicking the “Edit” button next to your Project Grant, and then clicking “Download application” in the right sidebar of the page.

If you have NOT spent all of your grant funds:

If you have not spent all of your grant funds by the final report deadline, you must return the unspent portion of the grant to the funder. In order to return a grant, you need to fill out this form, which includes uploading a letter to the funder explaining the need to return the funds. This is in lieu of a final report, so it is due by the final report date.

If you have spent PART of your grant funds:

If you have spent only part of your grant funds, you must fill out a final report AND a return grant form plus letter to the funder, which can be found here. The report should be completed online. Both need to be completed by the deadline.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at